• NO LIVE AMMUNITION will be allowed in the classroom. You may bring your cased firearm to class with you but please leave ammunition in your vehicle.
  • We reserve the right to refuse services, to anyone, for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to terminate instruction if Total CCW instructors deem a student’s cooperation or behavior to be unsatisfactory and/or unsafe. That student will be removed from class and forfeit any payments.
  • All courses will be filled on a first come basis through registration ONLY!
  • Course dates/locations may be changed/postponed, due to enrollment, weather conditions, and/or other events beyond our control.
  • Students not in attendance with no prior notice will forfeit their payments or may be subject to a $50 rescheduling fee.
  • Students requesting a refund for an already scheduled class date will be charged a $25 administrative processing fee.
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  • A handgun and ammunition will be available at an addition charge for the shooting qualification section.
  • Returned checks will be subject to an additional $35 service charge.

Beyond Concealed Carry Course​ - $175

COURSE GOAL: Learn the basics of handgun safety and marksmanship and quickly progress to some basic dynamic movement and defensive scenarios, like shooting from cover, moving and shooting, advancing and retreating, defending hallways, one handed shooting, shooting around barricades, proper use of cover, shooting steel on the move, the art of making hits quickly out of the holster and more.

OVERVIEW: This is a 8 hour course designed for the Concealed Carrier or someone slightly more advanced than a beginner but had never had any formal training outside of the CCW course. You will shoot a minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition. Bring a quality handgun, holster, belt and magazine pouches and at least 3 magazines for your pistol. Revolvers and .22 caliber pistols are welcome. Beyond the CCW class is designed for students that already have, or are in the process of getting, their Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). This class picks up where the Basic Class leaves off and is geared to "real world" concealed carry topics.

PREREQUISITES: Concealed Handgun Permit Class or equivalent.

Beyond Concealed Carry Lesson Plans

  1. The Mindset – the WHY
  2. Holsters / Carry Positions – the WHERE
  3. Concealed Carry Obstacles
  4. Presentation – how fast can YOU draw? – the HOW
  5. The Tueller Principle
  6. Intro to Movement and Tactics
  7. Malfunctions
  8. Every Day Carry (EDC)
  9. Different flashlight techniques
  10. How long does it take YOU to draw from concealment?
  11. Reloads
  12. Other real-world scenarios

COURSE COMPLETION: Students will be well informed on "real world" concealed carry topics and scenarios and how to deal with them.