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OVERVIEW: The Illinois specific portion of the class is presented only by Illinois approved instructors. The course will give participants a solid grasp of current laws governing firearms in Illinois. You will learn where concealed carry is prohibited, proper interaction with law enforcement, Illinois use of force statutes, and proper concealment. This course also covers all current FOID laws and laws related to firearm ownership and transportation. Also included is live fire qualification in our onsite range. In order to pass the live fire qualification, you must hit the scoring portion of a B27 target with 70% of 30 rounds from 5 yards, 7 yards, and 10 yards respectively. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate that must accompany their application. 16 hour students will also receive their NRA Basic Pistol Certification; which satisfies the requirements for Florida CCW permits and Arizona CCW permits.


OVERVIEW: This is a 8 hour course designed for the Concealed Carrier or someone slightly more advanced than a beginner but had never had any formal training outside of the CCW course. You will shoot a minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition. Bring a quality handgun, holster, belt and magazine pouches and at least 3 magazines for your pistol. Revolvers and .22 caliber pistols are welcome. Beyond the CCW class is designed for students that already have, or are in the process of getting, their Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). This class picks up where the Basic Class leaves off and is geared to "real world" concealed carry topics.


OVERVIEW: The classroom portion will have a review of basic gun handling protocols including the Four Rules of Gun Safety and the cold range regime wherein guns are kept unloaded at all times except on the firing line at the specific direction of a range officer/instructor. The mechanics of the draw are taught by winning competitor TD Roe, close instruction on the best stance, grip, sight picture and trigger operation techniques.