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  • A handgun and ammunition will be available at an addition charge for the shooting qualification section.
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Holster skills and drills - $100

COURSE GOAL: For shooters who are proficient with their handgun looking to advance to the next level, whether for personal protection/carry or competition.

OVERVIEW: The classroom portion will have a review of basic gun handling protocols including the Four Rules of Gun Safety and the cold range regime wherein guns are kept unloaded at all times except on the firing line at the specific direction of a range officer/instructor.

PREREQUISITES: Illinois CCL Class, NRA Basic Pistol Class, or Permission of the instructor.

Holster Skills and Drills Lesson Plans

  1. Selecting the right holster
  2. Drawing from a holster
  3. Drawing from concealment
  4. Drawing from cover
  5. Turning and drawing
  6. Drawing from a seated position
  7. Drawing from a vehicle
  8. Efficient magazine changes
  9. Advanced marksmanship skills for self defense

COURSE COMPLETION: Students will learn the skills of drawing, acquiring the master grip, speed and accuracy to the first and following shots.