OVERVIEW: Not sure a group class is for you?  We will customize private or semi-private training sessions around your schedule and your specific needs.  In this setting, you have the benefit of the instructor’s full attention and knowledge. Private sessions are ideal for those who are new to firearms as well as those who would like to improve in specific areas.  Recent private sessions have covered: basic introduction to firearms, firearm safety and handling, selecting the right firearm for your needs and dry-fire techniques.  Our instructors can work with you at our location, within the privacy of your home, or meet you at the range for live-fire instruction.  The benefits of individualized and personalized instruction are just a click away.  How can we help you achieve your goals?

Take a private three gun shooting course: Pistol, AR-15 Rifle, Shotgun. Call for more info.

LENGTH OF CLASS:  A minimum of 2 hours per session is required.

private sessions